Lawyer – is a broad and diverse specialty. In addition, nowadays it is connected with all areas of our lives. As the norms of human behavior are enshrined in the so-called codes, so the laws make our society civilized, and make us confident in our safety, life and integrity of our property. However, there are always those who want to break the law, so there is a need for lawyers – smart and strong, tolerant and honorable, responsible and principled, stress-resistant, punctual, attentive, moderate, hardworking, highly moral – those who will protect and help, and will not allow the system to collapse.

The School of Law of Karazin University invites to study all those who feel a call to this important, but difficult and very responsible profession.

If you are ready to help people and be partly responsible for their destinies, able not to break or falter in moments of doubt, not to succumb to temptation or pressure, we are waiting for you and invite you to join our friendly law family.

Here you have the opportunity to obtain higher legal education in the educational programs “Law” and “International Law”. Studying at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, you will receive a quality, prestigious education that will allow you to become not only a highly paid specialist, but also to take a leading position in public life.

We solve problems together; we move forward together, we fill the school life with meaning step by step, because we are united by consolidating ideas and goals!

Rector of Karazin University